ApplyToEd EasyConnect Update – August 21, 2019

We are excited to share EasyConnect enhancements that recently went live in response to feedback we received from clients. The below features will improve your processes and save you time.
Simplified Menu Bar for Employees & Replacements 

  • We replaced ‘Internal’ and ‘Occasional’ with ‘EasyConnect’ on the menu bar.  This simplifies our User Interface so it is optimized for mobile devices. The ‘EasyConnect’ section is where Employees create absences and Replacements accept them and update their preferences. 
    Please ensure your Employees and Replacements know about this change. 
    (Thanks Windsor-Essex Catholic and Peel)

Deactivate All Replacements On A Single Day 

  • You can now enter in the ‘Employee Group Calendar’ that all replacements should be bulk de-activated if you have the ‘Manage mass replacement cancellations’ privilege.  This is great for situations like inclement weather or unexpected work stoppages.  Please contact us before using this feature as entries cannot be reversed. (Thanks Peel)

Creating Absences In The Past

  • If an absence is created with a date in the past it will no longer allow you to select ‘EasyConnect’ as a fill method.  This should improve your fill rates by blocking absences from appearing unfilled when they were never called out because they were entered late. (Thanks Niagara and Ottawa-Carleton)

Searching Absences By Multiple GL Codes

  • You can now select multiple GL codes when searching absences. (Thanks Kawartha Pine Ridge and Simcoe)

How Can I Get More Information or Revise My District’s Settings?

  • Contact Mark Laurie to set up a time to review your goals. (416)932-6777