ATE Software Update – August 18, 2019

This Sunday, in response to School Boards’ feedback, we are simplifying our software’s navigation for Administrators, Employees, and Occasionals.  The below changes ensure our system is ‘mobile friendly’ and easier to use.

Please ensure you share this update with your staff and employees.

Administrators (Employer Users)

  • Simplified the menu bar by removing ‘Internal Employees’. The options in this section are now located under ‘Job Postings’ or ‘Administration’.  There is no impact on functionality.

Employees and Occasionals (Replacements)

  • Removed ‘Internal Employees’ and ‘Occasional Employees’ from the menu bar.  All jobs and job alerts are now accessed under the ‘Job Postings’ section.
    This is much easier for Employees and Occasionals to search and set up job alerts for the jobs they are eligible to apply to. They can also filter jobs by school, key words, closing date, etc.
  • If you are using EasyConnect, all options related to this module appear in a new section labelled ‘EasyConnect’. This includes employees creating absences and Occasionals updating availability and accepting assignments.