ATE Software Update – January 30, 2019

Posting Jobs – Simplified  

P/VPs can now be configured to only create jobs for their school.  Just select ‘Create job postings at my locations’ in their ‘Privilege Group’.  This will save them time, simplify their process, and cut down on errors.  Ensure your P/VPs are assigned to a school in their ‘User Account’. (Thanks Peel) 

Applicant Lists – Enhanced Sorting 

When viewing a list of applicants and sorting on ‘Date Applied’ or ‘Last Logged In’ it now defaults to most recent dates (rather than oldest).  This will save your Administrators time when they want to identify new applicants to an ongoing job posting. (Thanks Vancouver and MakeAFuture)

Client Updates

‘Client Updates’ link is added to the Menu bar so your Administrators can easily stay on top of new features.  (Thanks Peel) 

Interview Scheduler

A privilege was added so you can block a P/VP from seeing the ‘Interview History’ on the ‘Applicant Info’ page. (Thanks Rocky View)