ATE Software Update – September 6, 2018

Copying jobs
When you copy a job it now includes all fields in the posting. We added the following to what is copied:

  • Employee Group (if the job was an internal posting)
  • Occasional List (if it was an LTO posting)
  • Schools
  • Applicant Type
  • Posting Closing Date
  • Employment Start Date
  • Visibility and Notifications
  • Employer User who copies the job posting is now the ‘owner’ (created by) of the new posting

We also made it more intuitive if you copy a job from the ‘Search Results’ page when viewing a list of jobs. (Thanks Dufferin-Peel Catholic and Simcoe)

View Portfolio A or B in a job posting

When reviewing applicants to a job posting and clicking ‘View Portfolio’ it now displays the date the applicant applied to the job posting. (Thanks School District #36 Surrey)

Ability to limit the # of jobs an Employee or Occasional can apply to

If you use our ‘Internal’ or ‘Long Term Occasional’ Modules you can ask us to turn on a limit for the # of jobs an Employee or Approved Occasional can apply to. This feature is currently built to limit by date but in the future we will revise it to be based on the date a job is posted. (Thanks Peel)

Applicant History Page now has ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ links

When viewing applicants to a job posting you can view their ‘Applicant History’ which displays their Qualifications, Occasional List and Seniority as of the closing date of the job posting. We improved navigation between applicants by adding ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links on this page. (Thanks Dufferin-Peel Catholic)

Enhanced qualifications search

We just released an Enhanced Applicant Search that allows the combination of ‘and’ and ‘or’ in Qualifications so you can include multiple criteria to find applicants or automatically generate a list of who is qualified for a job posting. (Thanks Peel)