EasyConnect Enhancements – April 18, 2019

Simplified Managing ‘Absence Reasons’

You can now manage ‘Absence Reasons’ for your employee groups to simplify how you add, remove, and edit your configurations. In the Administration section click ‘EasyConnect Preferences’.  (Thanks Keewatin-Patricia) 

Control who has access to edit ‘Absence Reasons’ by assigning the below privileges to a user who already has the ‘Absence Administrator’ privilege:
– Manage Reasons for Absence
– Manage Charge Backs

What Is Scheduled To Go Live May 19th

Search absences with ‘No Employee Absent’ (Thanks Waterloo) 

An Absence Reason can be configured to never call out until an Administrator releases it to EasyConnect. This will be useful in situations like Coaching where you want to assign On-Calls. (Thanks Peel)