EasyConnect Enhancements – September 15, 2019

We are excited to share we are going live with significant enhancements on Sunday, September 15th from 8-10am EST.  The below features will improve your processes and save HR, Administrators, and employees time.
Uploading Lesson Plans To Absences

  • Employees and Administrators can include multiple attachments when creating absences that can be viewed by the Replacement who accepts the assignment. (Thanks Near North)

Limit When Replacements Can Cancel 

  • You can now set a time limit for when a Replacement can cancel an assignment so they can’t do it at the last minute.  This can be customized by employee group. (Thanks Keewatin-Patricia)
  • You can configure EasyConnect to block a Replacement from receiving any further offers for the date they cancelled.  (Thanks Near North and Waterloo)

‘Additional Info’ Field Can Be Mandatory

  • You can configure the ‘Additional Info’ field to be mandatory when an Administrator creates an absence with ‘No Employee Absent’.  This can simplify how you track ‘bank days’ or the reason a vacancy was created. (Thanks Kawartha Pine Ridge and Keewatin-Patricia)

Only Display the Description Of a GL Code

  • You can configure EasyConnect to only display the Description of a GL Code (rather than the code itself).  This can be useful if your Administrators want a simpler view when selecting GL codes for PD or approving absences. (Thanks Ottawa Catholic)


  • We now display the pay % and GL code when a time sheet is entered.  Both are automatically populated and cannot be edited by the employee. (Thanks Ottawa Catholic)

Simplified Absences

  • When an absence is de-activated all the rows are now greyed out.  (Thanks Ottawa Catholic)
  • De-activated absences can no longer be re-activated.  You can copy and create a new absence.  This will improve fill rates as some users were re-activating absences that were done contacting Replacements.  (Thanks Peel)

How Can I Get More Information or Revise My District’s Settings?

  • Contact Mark Laurie to set up a time to review your goals. (416)932-6777