EasyConnect Update – February 7, 2019

Searching GL (Chargeback) Codes

A feature we released last week in our ‘Reports’ section for searching multiple GL Codes is being rolled back as it did not deliver the benefits clients were looking for.

In 2-4 weeks we will go live with an improved user interface for searching multiple GL Codes in our ‘Search Absence’ and ‘Reports’ sections. (Thanks Simcoe)

Please Notify Your Replacements of a Verbiage Change

In an effort to improve your fill rates we are responding to clients’ feedback to make our system more intuitive for your employees.

When your Replacements log into their ApplyToEducation account on Sunday they will notice minor tweaks to our verbiage.

  • Postings Archive‘ is renamed ‘EasyConnect – Offers‘ so it is clear to Replacements that they can accept assignments they were offered that have not been filled.  Some Replacements felt the word ‘archive’ implied the assignments were no longer available.
  • Accepted Postings‘ is renamed ‘EasyConnect – Accepted‘ so Replacements can easily identify the assignments they accepted.  The word ‘postings’ was being confused for a ‘job posting’. (Thanks Ottawa Catholic)