EasyConnect Update – January 8, 2019

Automatically Start Contacting When A Manually Filled Replacement Cancels

Ask us to turn this on, by employee group, to automatically start contacting Replacements when they cancel an assignment they were ‘manually filled’ into. (Thanks, Waterloo, Simcoe and Peel)

Managing Unfilled Days in a Multi-Day Absence

Ask us to turn this on, by employee group, to automatically change a day within a multi-day absence to ‘failed to fill’ when it goes unfilled.  The remaining dates will be listed on the Job Board so they can be picked up.

Future enhancements are coming that will allow the system to continue contacting Replacements for the remaining dates so your Administrators spend less time ‘splitting’ absences. (Thanks, Peel)

Preferred List By Location

If you use this contact strategy we have simplified how you add Occasionals to a School’s Preferred List.  Just type their name on the ‘Contact List’ page and click ‘Add’.  (Thanks, Peel)

We created new Privileges to control which Employer Users can add Occasionals to their School’s Preferred List. (Thanks, Ottawa Catholic)

You can ask us to set a ‘limit’ for how many Occasionals can be added to a School’s Preferred List. (Thanks, Niagara)

EIN has been changed to ‘Identification Number’

In an effort to improve the script when accepting or creating absences over the phone, users will be asked to enter their Identification # rather than their EIN.  The actual # they enter remains the same. This is merely a verbiage change. (Thanks, Ottawa Catholic & Peel)