EasyConnect Update – March 25, 2019

‘Bulk Add or Remove’ Locations For Occasionals

When you ‘Search Applicants’ and select Approved Occasionals you can now bulk add or remove locations they are willing, approved, or blocked to work at (depending on an employee group’s configuration).

If you use our ‘block’ feature it will simplify how you assign specific locations for your new hires as you can block schools they aren’t supposed to work at.  Another benefit is when you open a new school you can now select it for Occasional Employees to ensure it has a Supply List.  (Thanks Peel) 

What Is Scheduled To Go Live By April 21st

You will be able to manage ‘Absence Reasons’ for your employee groups to simplify how you add, remove, and edit your configurations. (Thanks Keewatin-Patricia) 

Occasional Employees will automatically receive Internal status when hired into an LTO so they can create absences. (Thanks Simcoe)