EasyConnect Update – November 13, 2018

‘No Employee Absent’ Can Include A ‘Reason for Absence’

Ask us to configure this by employee group. The two key benefits are:

1. If you map GL codes to ‘Reasons for Absence’ they can automatically be assigned to ‘No Employee Absent’ absences. (Thanks Ottawa Near North, and Keewatin-Patricia)

2. You can simplify how you track ‘bank days’ when you have a fail to fill. (Thanks Peel)

Absences that Require a Replacement now Require a ‘Fill Method’

This will improve your fill rate by ensuring Users select a fill method when saving an absence that requires a Replacement. Some Users were accidentally leaving the fill method blank. (Thanks Algoma and Peel)

Multi-Day Absences Optimized

Our Development team identified enhancements to speed up saving a multi-day absence.