EasyConnect Update – October 29, 2018

Configure Specific ‘Absence Reasons’ to not Contact Replacements
Ask us to configure this by employee group and the absence will not contact Replacements until a School Administrator ‘Approves’ it.

This will simplify how you manage absences for reasons like ‘coaching’. (Thanks Peel Waterloo, and Superior North Catholic)

Administrators who Deactivate a Replacement can Select EasyConnect as Fill Method
This will be a big time saver for your Administrators. They will need to check that there are still Replacements left to contact when using this feature. (Thanks Niagara)

Continue Contacting after First Day in a Multi-Day Assignment goes Unfilled
EasyConnect will contact the remaining Replacements in the next contact period and offer them the remaining dates in the Assignment. These dates will also appear on the Job Board (if you use the job board). (Thanks Niagara)

Display How An Absence Was Filled
Click the little black triangle on a Replacement record to view how an absence was filled (Job Board or EasyConnect).

This simplifies how you review the effectiveness of your Job Board settings. (Thanks Peel)

Enhanced ‘Add Absent Employee’ Button
If you want to add additional dates to an existing absence the ‘Add Absent Employee’ button is now visible before you click the ‘edit’ button. (Thanks Peel)

‘Designated Replacement’ Added as a Fill Method
You can pick ‘Designated Replacement’ as a fill method and free text enter a name.

Some School Boards are hiring Replacements to work every day and assign them in the morning to absences that go unfilled. This feature simplifies how you report on the Assignments they worked. (Thanks Ottawa)

Enable Max Pay Rate Validation
Ask us to turn this feature on to block Replacements from accepting work that exceeds their daily limit. This can be customized by Employee Group. (Thanks Waterloo and Windsor Essex Catholic)

New Privilege Allows Administrators to Create Absences in Prior School Year
Turn this feature on by selecting the privilege for specific users. (Thanks Simcoe and Ottawa)

Fields Added to Reports
Let us know if you want to add any of the following fields to your reports (Thanks Ottawa Catholic and Simcoe)

  • Occasional Employee Job Code
  • Occasional Employee Job Description
  • Occasional List Code
  • Occasional List Label
  • PD Event #
  • PD Description

Replacements Can View When They Were Contacted
Replacements can now see in their ‘Postings Archive’ and ‘Accepted Postings’ sections the date and time EasyConnect offered them an Assignment. This should cut down on inquiries to you.