EasyConnect Update – October 4, 2018

Block Replacements From Specific Schools
HR can block a Replacement from receiving Assignments at specific schools. This is a privilege you can assign to specific Employer Users. (Thanks Waterloo)

Limit # of Offers a Replacement Can Receive In An Evening
Ask us to configure EasyConnect to stop contacting Replacements for the night after they have been offered X assignments.

This allows the system to automatically stop contacting Replacements who aren’t available to work so you maximize the value of your contact periods. It can be customized by Occasional List. (Thanks Simcoe and Niagara)

Limit # of Schools Replacements Can Select
HR can limit the # of schools a Replacement can select. Ask us to set this up for you and it can be customized by Occasional Lists.

This could remove the need to ‘approve’ Schools for Replacements and save your HR team time. (Thanks Peel and Ottawa)

Preferred List By Employee Can Contact Replacements in a Defined Order
Preferred list by employee can now be configured to contact Replacements in a defined order. This is a new calling algorithm we can turn on for an Employee Group. (Thanks Ottawa Catholic and Huron-Superior Catholic)

Replacements Can Configure a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Time Period
Replacements can now set up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ on their Occasional Preferences page so they are only emailed assignments on certain days and times (i.e: mornings). (Thanks Kawartha and Simcoe)

Replacements can Select Date Range to View Assignments on Job Board
If you use the Job Board option, your Replacements can filter by date range if you let them see more than 1 day in advance.

This allows Replacements to build their own work schedule in addition to receiving offers via phone, text and email. (Thanks Peel)