EasyConnect Update – September 5, 2018

Curated job board

You can now ask us to turn on a setting to display a ‘curated job board’ to Replacements that only displays Assignments they are qualified for at locations they have selected. This allows Replacements to build their work schedule ahead of time. EasyConnect still contacts Replacements, so this enhancement should improve fill rates if you choose to use it. (Thanks, Peel)

Limit # of contacts per assignment

You can now ask us to configure a limit for how many Replacements are contacted for an assignment before EasyConnect moves onto the next assignment. This can be configured by Employee Group and will benefit Boards with large Replacement lists who want to ensure absences further out in the future are called out in the evening. (Thanks, Peel)

Contact replacements by seniority

You can now choose a contacting algorithm based on Seniority and it will contact from most senior to least senior based on availability and location (top to bottom). This contact strategy will only call one assignment at a time within the Employee Group to ensure Replacements are not receiving multiple offers at the same time. (Thanks, Near North)